El Cañón del Colca

Trekking the Colca canyon (the second deepest canyon in the world) was challenging. The landscape is rough, dry, full of cliffs and with a lot of sun. The first day, together with our dog-guide 😀, we hiked from Cabanaconde to Llahuar, were we stayed with a sweet family in “Casa Virginia” (not in “Llahuar Lodge”, which are not so honest!😠👿). In Llahuar they had the best natural thermal baths we have ever tried!

The next day we hiked from Llahuar to Fure. In Fure we visited a nearby cascade (not so spectacular as you can guess from Mònica face) and we stayed overnight in an basic and back-to-roots lodge.

The following day we hiked from Fure to Shangalle oasis. We spent there a few hours in one of their swimming pools. Afterwards we continued the hike to Cabanaconde. From Shangalle to Cabanaconde there were 1000m of slope, so we had almost 3 hours of really hot and hardcore trek. We slept in Cabanaconde like babies.

Next morning we catched a bus with direction to Arequipa and stopped in “Cruz del Condor” to see some condors! After that we continued to Arequipa, picked up our luggages and jumped in a bus to Puno.

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